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Posted Feb 28, 2005 at 8:29:55 PM
Subject: Responsability

Where's the responsiblitly?

How often is it that a kid with LD get diagnosed after day long testing,

How often do the parents stay up at night, treating the kid like a problem and trying to address a issue. finding the right school, teachings etc.

How often does the kid feel like theres nothing wrong with them. but at home there is communacation on what to do and at school they are being ritaculled for who they are and not understanding.

How many of us grow up to look back, trying to understand what went wrong and why i turned out the way i did? socially challenged and whatever else you want to add to this?

my question is why wasn't there any responsiblity from the schools, doctors and parents to prepare us or teach us on what was missing and telling the parents what might me expected and how we will be effected.

how about some EQ (emotional intellgance) or some other skills, i would think that there would be enough of us with some of the same issues that it might need some addressing. with some real concern!!
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