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If you think you are AD(H)D - are you?

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Posted Mar 02, 2005 at 9:08:03 PM
Subject: If you think you are AD(H)D - are you?

I'm the mother of a 22 year old, adult, kid with severe ADD (no H). I thought I'd look in forums for support and advice. However, it strikes me that people who have genuinely debilitating AD(H)D wouldn't bother with this. He is in no state to deal with bulletin boards! Why would anyone else as disabled as him be on here? It is the carers I'd like to contact to be honest. If you are worrying about your meds, you are probably OK enough to cope in the end. Severe versions of this disability can't/won't bother.

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Posted:Mar 18, 2005 6:35:23 PM

I hereby give you an award for being the most ignorant,pathetic forum troll ever!

It's so blatantly obvious that you've got no idea about ADHD and is only here to do one thing-bait those of us who really do have ADHD.

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