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does anyone else relate?

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Posted Mar 13, 2005 at 2:58:32 PM
Subject: does anyone else relate?

does anyone else relate to this problem I have.
I have a visual processing disorder, i will read some thing once and will have to re-read hundrends of times over in order to gain understanding/meaning of the words.

However this does not pose to be a problem in the early hours of the morning, only form 2 or 3 o'clock in the afternoon onwards. (i know how it sounds!)
also in the afternoon the words on the page tend to all merge together like long sentances (eg: It was a nice sunny day, would look like itwasanicesunnyday) and it can take me ages to read a standard page of A4 text.

Just wondered if anyone else experiences the same problems, and any coping stategies.

All comments welcome.

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Posted:Mar 13, 2005 11:02:09 PM

May be a weird question, but; do you eat well, and healthy, 2-3 hours apart (and not junk)? This could easily simply be a concentration problem, coming from blood sugar issues. I'm sure you have thought of that, just asking...

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Posted:Mar 14, 2005 2:10:55 AM


I answered your querry on the above thread but I think Ellyodd may be onto something.

Have you been tested for diabetes or hypoglycemia or and other endocrine disorders?

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Posted:May 27, 2005 1:52:11 AM

I also have a visual processing disorder. As a little kid, I rarely read books. It was not until the Internet that I really started reading seriously what was on the screen and enjoyed it. I started reading news stories on the web and things like that. It really helped develop my skills. It does take me longer but I try to compensate for it in other ways.

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