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Finding something a child will respond too

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Posted Mar 14, 2005 at 6:28:16 PM
Subject: Finding something a child will respond too

I'm seeking suggestions as to what to do with a child who has reached his 10 days OSS. We are trying to find something that will motivate him. He steals and lies. He constantly brings things from home to make friends. He will do anything that a peer tells him to do in order to popular. Funny thing is the kids like him. He doesn't want to work for anything anymore. All the positive things we were doing he could care less about. If it isn't from a peer he could care less. Yet he wears the same clothes every day and will not take a bath. There is no home support.

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Posted:Jun 06, 2005 7:36:20 PM

This reminds me of a story I just heard on a video called Beyond F.A.T. City.

He tells a story about a boy that brought 12 bagel to summer school everyday. He would share his bagels and one would be put on the ground and everyone would jump on it. This was his bagel to eat and he did.

Attention. They just want attention. He has decided that bad attention is better than none. It was said on the tape that some students feel it is better to appear bad than appear dumb. If they are bad they may not have to do perform a difficult tasks infront of their peers and be seen as dumb.

I realize your 10 days are up. I just thought I would suggest this video if he is still in your care or still needs your support.

I have a 7 yrs old so his behavior are more about responding to teasing. He gets upset, shut down, and will do things others say to avoid more teasing. The teacher want to know what to do when a behavior happens. I want to know if they ask him what was happening before the behavior occurred. I never have an answer to that. His teacher never asks him. She does not want to know why because it would complicate her day.

The reason why the other kids like him might be worth looking into further. What is being said to the students telling him to do wrong things. They do need to be held responsible for their contribution. It is bullying. They get to experience the things they would like to do but dare not to do through him. They get to see the result and experience the visual thrill without the concequences. They have just as much to learn here.

Sorry I feel for this boy. I hope he finds someone that understands him. If you watch this video it may help you understand how he got where he is and add a flower to this cracked polished stone.

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