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Discussion board / chat(s) for College LD students

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Posted Apr 12, 2005 at 12:30:30 PM
Subject: Discussion board / chat(s) for College LD students


I am an ADD Junior at Clark University looking into chats or discussion boards that may exist on individual campuses for LD students. Does anyone know of any?

- ComputerNick

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Posted:Jun 10, 2005 1:39:22 PM

Sorry, I don't know any. I'm just happy that there is a group like for me to come to get some help in becoming a better student and not flunk out of school. I was a student at the school I'm attending now. My GPA back then was below a 1.5, so you can tell how crappy my grades were back then. But since then I've gotten my GPA up to a cumulative 1.77. If I hadn't taken 2 Algebra classes (I'm mathamatically challanged) then it would be much higher, I got a "D" in both of them, and I have to retake the Intermediate algebra class this Fall. Overall I think that I've done pretty good considering I haven't been a fulltime student in 20 years. And even then I had horrible studies skills and discipline as well. So overall I think that I should be proud of how I've done so far, but there is room for improvement. I even played intermeral slow pitch softball (I did pretty good for someone who's over 40) and playing with 20 something students.

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