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my problems

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Posted Apr 22, 2005 at 10:45:59 PM
Subject: my problems

hey everybody. i'm new to this site and joined because i feel like i have a social disorder. it all started in the 6th grade. one day my brain just like stopped making funny comments and jokes and i became really really shy and losing my confident to make people laugh. i'm now in 10th grade and i have few friends. i feel like i'm boring to them and i feel like they don't wanna hang out with me. i go out to parties and i never say anything to anybody except some friends i know because i feel shy and awkard and i can never figure out funny things to say because my brain can't think of any. i see those social anxiety disorder comercials and it sounds exactly like what i've been going through. i've never had a girlfriend because i've been too scared to ask anybody and dunno if anybody will go out with me.

all i wanna ask is that is my problem a social disorder or some physological disorder? since i've verbally abused a lot by my own family. or is it just that i need to get some confidence. i don't really know wat to do. should i go see a doctor or a therapist? or is this just an awkard phase of being a teen and it'll pass. plz reply

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