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Research- The Stigmatization of LD in the Labour Force

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Posted May 25, 2005 at 10:26:36 PM
Subject: Research- The Stigmatization of LD in the Labour Force

Hello everyone,

I'm in the Critical Disability Studies (MA) program at York University in Toronto, Canada. I have just started my final major research paper. The overarching question that I would like to ask in my paper at this point is,

“What are best practices that employers can implement to discourage the stigmatization of learning disabilities in the labour force?”

In most articles, authors suggest ways that people with learning disabilities can change or how a boss can make individual accomodations. In this case, I'm interested in broader 'accomodations', ones like educating co-workers or creating practices that keep people from being bullied, embarrased... I believe that if some of these practices were implemented, people would have less fear to disclose, or may not feel the need to disclose because there are inclusive accomodations set up in the first place.

I am having trouble finding many sources on understandings of learning disabilities from this social/human rights point of view, or how learning disabilities in particular are stigmatized. I am looking at a variety of sources, including business ethics and diversity programs, and the experience of stigma as an employee... if anyone has some ideas, publications or articles that they could point me to regarding this topic, I would be most grateful. My email is sdg2@yorku.ca

Thank you for your time! Sincerely,

Samantha George (Sam)

P.S. I will be done my paper by the end of August 2005, but I think this would always be an interesting topic for discussion :)

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