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Orton-Gillingham possibilities in Los Angeles?

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Posted May 28, 2005 at 3:27:34 PM
Subject: Orton-Gillingham possibilities in Los Angeles?


Is anyone here familiar with the learning differences community in Los Angeles? I am presently an Orton-Gillingham trained private tutor working in Palm Beach, Florida. I will be making a move to Los Angeles this summer and would very much like to continue teaching, but I don't know what my employment prospects may be. I graduated a year ago from Columbia where I got a triple major in East Asian Studies, Political Science, and Creative Writing. I love teaching, and I've had a lot of success with my students here in Florida. I'd love to hear from anyone who might be able to fill me in on the possibilities for teaching in LA.

Thanks very much!


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Posted:May 31, 2005 2:30:46 PM

I'm not from there but I O-G has "caught on." I can't imagine that you would have trouble getting referrals, especially if you got in touch with the local IDA branch. Wherever I have been, I've had to turn down offers.

Sue J, webmastress www.resourceroom.net

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Posted:May 31, 2005 11:01:24 PM

Hi Gerard!
I live in Los Angeles and the prospect of FINALLY having a Orton-Gillingham trained tutor in this area is thrilling! There are none that I know of, and believe me I have been looking. The closet I've come is Lindamood Bell. The local Int'l Dyslexia Society couldn't help me. I have a couple of ideas for you.
I live in the West San Fernando Valley, a suburb of L.A. There is a large advocacy group out here that has a lot of therapists, and tutors working for them. They have a few specialists in LMB, but none in OG. Here is a link to their office: http://www.yellenandassociates.com/ I met with them recently as my son will be going there for intensive remediation this summer, and I liked what I saw. There is another highly respected group in the San Fernando Valley that does Speech/Language and Ed. Therapy here is their link http://www.speechassociates.com/index.htm, I'll bet they'd be interested in an OG tutor.

Also, I'm a librarian at a private school in Topanga Canyon. We have an opening for a 5th grade teacher. If your interested in something like that I'll post the link. Do you have a teaching credential as well?

Hope this helps. Please keep me posted, I'd love to know of a OG tutor in the LA area.

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