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The bulb is now lit, vision is my LD!

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Posted Jun 02, 2005 at 3:45:33 PM
Subject: The bulb is now lit, vision is my LD!

Lets say *A person* took a phsycoeducational evaluation to try to make sense of his academic short comings. The day of the testing he didn't keep in mind that bringing his glasses was very important for his performance on the test. Two years after the exam and many hours months and days trying to figure out why he scored so low on the test, he decided to make sense of it all by visiting his old family eye doctor. This person had questions as to why scholastically he was performing at a low success rate.

His eye doctor told him that when he would read material he would start out strong and then end up dramatically slowing down, the eye doctor said that frequent breaks when reading will help his performance.

This person comes on a message board and asks what would be the best tutorial setting to work on this particular issue. How could an academic tutor teach a slow reader to learn excellent reading skills to compensate for his visual processing problem?

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Posted:Jun 02, 2005 4:57:41 PM

LIke the article in LD In Depth says, "I do it, We do it, Y'all do it."

You demonstrate the behavior, do it together, and practice it a lot.

But specifically, I'd work at teaching the student to monitor that reading, so that s/he knew when it was time to break.

I think what you do in those breaks would be important - if they could be short, you could close your eyes and visualize the content, review it, and do other comprehension enhancing activities. If they need to be a bit longer, I'd read between washing dishes or fixing my bike -- X minutes in front of the book, X minutes (thinking about the reading) scrubbing.

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