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I can't sleep: I'M SUCH A FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted Jun 14, 2005 at 1:12:32 AM
Subject: I can't sleep: I'M SUCH A FAILURE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am such a failure! I can't keep a job!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a 44 year old idiot!!!!! I am slow!!!!!!!! That's all I heard my whole life, I AM SLOW!!!!!!!! Now I am unemployed!! They kept the younger guys and let me go!!!!!!! I AM SUCH A FAILURE!!!!!!!!! Now they have forgotten about me!!!!!!!!!!! Recruiters are evil!!!!!! They don't care!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am so myserable and lonely right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for letting me vent!!!!!! I'm hurting right now.

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Posted:Jun 14, 2005 1:20:51 AM

Hi Lost Genius,

I feel for you, it's sorry to hear that your aren't very happy with life at the moment.

But can I please say to try and improve your general attitude and attempt to be happy? I know what it can be like when things aren't going your way... it's incredibly easy to be negative, and spiral into further unhappiness. But a few years ago I finally decided that I was sick of having such a negative attitude. And it has worked wonders for many aspects of my life, including love life, social life, working, etc.

It's really hard to start with. It's the little things that make the difference. Try and always smile. Look people in the eye, say hello to a stranger. Walk with your chin up high. To start with, you may feel "fake", but you will soon learn that the real you is actually a confident happy person who is just hiding under an unhappy exterior.

Sorry to go on, but I hope you can become a bit happier. With a wee bit of effort I'm sure you can start feeling like a million dollars 8)

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Lost Genius
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Posted:Jun 14, 2005 1:58:16 AM

Thanks Manu. Good advice. Thanks!

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Posted:Jun 15, 2005 8:04:55 AM

ah lost genius, define failure?? i've had to sit psychometric testing for jobs - i took a stand and decided that i would try to answer the questions honestly, naturally i wasn't hired.. my 'personality' type doesn't suit or "fit" the culture of the company.. and apparently i'm smart..
so yes i feel like a failure at times -
i get bored very easily and have been known to walk out of jobs - just like that.. friends, family and acquintances think that i am a huge failure, a disappointment..
everytime i get hard on myself, i remember that at least i am not garden variety and have not followed the norms of society.. that in fact i am not the failure but society as a whole is.. always makes me feel better:))

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