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I feel Lonely and Stupid!!!

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Posted Jun 16, 2005 at 4:45:08 PM
Subject: I feel Lonely and Stupid!!!

I just have to post this.
I feel so lonely and stupid right now!
Lonely because I am the only one who was fired from a great job with some great people!
Stupid because I am almost 45 and I was let go while the kids in their 20s stayed. I feel so isolated! I feel so....
Actually, I don't feel as bad as I should. Mabye I am afraid to feel?
I just feel like a stupid loser! But I know I am not stupid! But I feel like it!
Man, I really hope this is the last time I am let go from any type of job! I really hope they beg me to stay from now on!
What is to say I won't be let go again! I DON'T KNOW IF I COULD BARE IT!
Thanks for letting me vent again.

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Posted:Jun 17, 2005 11:54:10 AM

For years I felt the same way you do. Once I went to see about a cashier job at a movie theatre and I thought it was not fair that they had told some mentally handicapped applicants that there were some math and appitude tests. That meant that when I did the math test ( and this was five years before my LD diagnosis) I flunked the math test and couldn't take the appitude test afterwards. When I was walking home all I could do was cry as I felt that God hated me for making me so stupid as one of the mentally handicapped people passed the math test that I couldn't do. Even now though I know I have an LD I still feel the same way.

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