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An in class university math course on cd rom?

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Posted Jul 29, 2005 at 11:32:28 AM
Subject: An in class university math course on cd rom?

I have really bad math l.d. and in the fall I am going to start up as a transfer student at a private Catholic University, because going to a private University will make it easier for me to earn a BA. This University has me taking Math 101, which works fine for me. But, I looked up the course in order to prepare for a meeting I have with the L.D Student Support Services Head and I found out the following...This math class is on cd rom and you have to work through everything on the cd rom while you are in class, and the instructor will be available for all students if they have any questions while the class is in session. The quizzes are built into this cd rom and at the end of the semester you take a placement test to see if you can take math 105, which is a College Algebra/Trig hybrid course or something.

My issues are that I know I will not be able to work as quickly as the other students in the 50 minute time period this class meets because I have a really slow computation speed and I also wonder how I should go about speaking to the L.D. Student Support Services Head because I figure that I could work ahead or something in this class because I am really sure that I cannot "work at my own pace" because if I were to work at my own pace I would be taking this class until the year 2929. What is odd is that where I went to University before, I was told to take math online because I could not take notes well-and so, I am kinda one step ahead with regards to how to utilise a computer I am just new to utilising a computer in accordance with actual professor involvement. If anyone has any advice, then let me know.

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Posted:Jul 29, 2005 12:14:42 PM

See if there are two or three sections of the class -- there usually are -- and ask the LD office for an accomodation that you can go to all of them and work in all of them. Except for a very very few bureaucratic stick-in-the-mud types, most math instructors are overjoyed when a student asks to spend extra time and do extra work.

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Posted:Aug 01, 2005 3:38:43 PM

I met with the Student Disability Services gal just earlier today. I tell you, what a difference schooling makes. The lady I had to speak with has a MS in "the field", if you will. I asked her about the course and she said (basically) that by hook or by crook I can earn myself enough time to go through the required in class work. Obviously, homework I will do in a tutoring lab as well as at home, and turn in 100% complete like how most folks do...but I was worried as heck with the in class work assignments because I honestly cannot do scads of math in 50 minutes time. I told her how I was advised at my other Uni to take math online because of notetaking issues with graphing and whatnot and she said that I could have a notetaker and I might possibly have to use a tape recorder. She was soo honest and I think she could figure out that I was too because she even told me of this neat reading machine that is like a computer and I can use that to read over the explinations in my math book! You have no idea how happy I am because it was really nice to speak with someone who has the ability to read over your l.d. testing. Victoria I thank you and Sue very much. It was just odd at my other uni because the head of the SDS had a BA in Drama and a MS in Childrens Counseling and she always said that my age and gender made were at issue more than my LD. So, I am hecka happy.

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