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Posted Jul 29, 2005 at 6:26:34 PM
Subject: LD question

After all of the years being told that I was LD I came to point were I believed it. Everything I did whether it was correct or not was a sign of my ignorance. I analyzed my hand writing, choice of words, behaviour, etc. Any stupid error was a sign that what people told was true. I became a perfectionist worrying about the most basic of problems. Does anyone else have these feelings?

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Posted:Jul 29, 2005 6:37:22 PM

Yes, I can feel your pain. But it could be much worse. At the very least we can be thankful that we have the ability to read and write. The world isn't going to spining, so we mind as well learn to be happy some how.

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Posted:Jul 30, 2005 11:12:13 AM

I totally beleive I have an LD.

I also totally beleive I am an intelligent, hard working person.

LD means a learning disability. It certainly doesn't mean ignorance. If someone tries to tell me that LD = stupid or ignorant, I usually try to correct them and tell them whad LD really means.

Please forgive me for saying this but people who try to tell you that you are ignorance are mentally abusing you. Now, sometimes its from people who really do have your best interst in heart, they just are going about it all wrong. So, the action is wrong, not necessarily the actor's heart.

In any case, I hope you are in a situation where you can leave this enviroment and get into a more supportive one.


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Posted:Jul 30, 2005 1:42:12 PM

What I wrote in the above message does not have to do with what someone has stated towards me, but my mentallity do to my experiences in special education classes. If you have not read LD horror stories it needs to be read to understand my other postings. I think that it is wonderful that this board is here so that the teachers, parents, and former students can come together and speak of the good and the bad of special education so that maybe things can be better for the next generation. I hope that all of you will eventually find success. I am here to overcome various traumatizing events that occurred while in special ed.. I am beginning to think that my case is unique. I hopefully will now get the courage to open up more, and finally once and for all banish my nightmares.

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Posted:Aug 04, 2005 10:16:08 PM

I read you other post about SPED. I think you could be sufereing from PTSD.

Your case is not all that unique. In many schools they put troublemakers in SPED to get them out of the mainstream classes so a very bad attitude towards SPED students by educators begins to prevail. I think that is why so many parent with special needs kids opt to home school.

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