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College for "perceptually impaired" daughter

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Posted Aug 26, 2005 at 6:26:07 PM
Subject: College for "perceptually impaired" daughter

My daughter is 18 and recently completed high school. She wants to go to college but requires in class support. She is socially impaired as well although she has a great sense of humour and when she speaks she speaks intelligently. She talks alot with our family and my oldest daughters boyfriend where she feels safe however is very shy even with life long friends in school. She likes to be around them but speaks very little. I have always felt that the socialization aspects and communications have held back her learning. I would like any advice on choosing a college, work opportunities and your thoughts on her social anxiety issues. I feel that if this could be unlocked that her real potential would be unleashed. Katie is a happy kid, reads voraciously at high levels, loves horses and is well rounded with strong beliefs and willing to stand up for what she believes.

Bill Skillman

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Joe Tag
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Posted:Dec 04, 2005 2:00:12 PM

Hello, Sir ---
My name is Joe Tag and I work at Kean University, in an academic department (not Special Education Dept. or Project Excel ) .

A few questions here:
1) Have you both selected a college yet?
Is it a private college, a state college, or a county college?
<< Some colleges have better LD support programs than others.

2) What subjects did Katie do well in? What subjects did she do
poorly in? Those questions and answers will help with her scheduling
of the first semester. << Often smaller classes will be better than larger classes.

3) How is she doing with Time-Management issues/making and keeping a schedule?

>> I have a LD history; original problem was Dysgraphia (writing).

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