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IQ disparity

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Posted Sep 03, 2005 at 5:15:20 AM
Subject: IQ disparity

Hi, just a question I wondered if anyone may have some insight to.

I recently took an online IQ test and, allthough I realise that this is the moment realable source to knwowing your IQ there was quite a big discepency between my subtest scores,

Your verbal score was 63 and your percentile score is 59
Your mathematical score is 62 and your percentile score is 68
Your spatial score is 100 and your percentile score is 98
Your logic score is 63 and your percentile score is 57
Your pattern recognition score is 82 and your percentile score is 84
Your general knowledge score is 82 and your percentile score is 83
Your short term memory score is 67 and your percentile score is 81
Your visualization score is 86 and your percentile score is 98
Your classification score is 70 and your percentile score is 70

Theres a difference of 39 percentile between verble and visual & spatial.

Do you think this is an indecation of a LD? I'm not just going by this but in my previous education at school I had to have extra time for exams and for college assignments, I was given extra one on one during primary school but wasn't at all when I left there. Why I ask is I'm starting uni in a month and allthough I have worked alot on my verbal skills I'm concerned about my ability to cope when I get there. Any advice would be greatly appheiated.


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Posted:Sep 16, 2005 1:12:01 PM

THe spatial score is 'way higher than the others; however, everything is above that fiftiety percentile. I saw a lot of profiles like this at the college-prep school for kids with LDs where I taught. The fact that you have donea lot of extra work on verbal skills and they're still so much lower than other skills could be an indicator (but, as you said, this *is* an online test ;)).
My sage advice, worth every cen;t you're paying for it :-) - I would shop carefully for courses and teachers that weren't going to all dump verbal loads on me - so watch out for taking writing or reading -intensive courses in the same semester. Spread 'em out and you should be okay; the more you can find out about different teachers the better, too. If you can get their syllabi (sometimes that stuff is online) that can help. Of course, a *good* teacher makes it easier to do difficult stuff; look for well-organized but not anal-retentive teachers in those verbally-intensive general ed requirements :)

I would also abandon any mindsets I had against dropping courses. Sometimes that really is the wisest thing to do - if you end up with a situation that's going to sabotage your other efforts.

Sue J, webmastress www.resourceroom.net

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