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new here not sure if ld

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Posted Sep 15, 2005 at 6:43:59 PM
Subject: new here not sure if ld

hi all,
i am in college always have had trouble reading and spelling. 3 yrs ago i was dxed w/ a problem where i see w/ one eye at a time. Like my brian cannot put the images together. So i get accomidations because of that. but im not sure if i should get tested for ld in case it becomes in issue in grad school. All though jr high and hs mom read my books to me and helped with grammer /spell checking stuff so i was lucky and never got to far behind. Also i got specail ed stuff cause of cp.

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Posted:Sep 16, 2005 1:06:51 PM

If you can afford a decent evaluation, go for it. The information would be useful even if it doesn't get you accommodations (though, when you're reading it, keep in mind that the evaluator is sort of like a home inspector - they *will* find things wrong 'cause that's their job ... different from evals in childhood where they'd much rather say "no problem!")

There are also a lot of support services at most schools that don't require a dx (like mine ;)). YOu may have to look for'em - and they may be, technically, for undergrads (or who knows who). Folks who want to help people genearlly like helping people who need it and use it :-)

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