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Dyscalculia Survey Questions - Help!

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Posted Sep 18, 2005 at 2:02:37 PM
Subject: Dyscalculia Survey Questions - Help!

I’ve been talking to the woman behind the Dutch dyscalculia site at http://dyscalculie.org/ for a long time, sharing information and stuff since we both work with this, and so, today we met because she was in Denmark for other reasons.

We decided to work together on a big, online survey – and making it international would be very cool. We have a lot of questions already, but we are looking for more. So we need your help!

So if you have anything you would want to know, just say the word and we’ll add it. ABOUT DYSCALCULIA!

I’ll let you know when the survey begins, and results will be published from time to time – the survey will probably run for a long time.

Also, we are looking for people around the world to help with translations. Any language is fine – but we have English, Danish, Dutch and German help already. Email us at mail@dyscalculiaforum.com if you are interested.

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Posted:Sep 19, 2005 11:03:50 AM

http://dyscalculie.org/english/eng_index.htm would be the English page :-)]

Great that you finally met face to face! I'll be wandering over in a bit...

Sue J, webmastress www.resourceroom.net

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