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26 year old who's ADHD/LD....newbie needing support

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Posted Oct 20, 2005 at 11:53:43 PM
Subject: 26 year old who's ADHD/LD....newbie needing support

Hey everyone-

im lookin for some support. Im a 26 year old female who's ADHD (recently diagnosed, finally, about 2 months ago.) I was also diagnosed with a speech LD in when I was in Kindergarten. (where I tend to talk too fast at times, stutter, and can't say certain words together or letters without them running together and not having distinct sound that splits it apart) I went to speech classes until up til about 5th grade and then they basically said I didn't need to go anymore.

I just moved on thru my school and adult life having tiny bursts here and there of problems, but nothing that I could really write home about since it didnt seem that major and didnt impact my life too greatly since my career fields were different then.

My speech teacher had me believe that I was cured in elementary school, literally, but I don't believe that now.

I recently got a job as a phone representative and since I've had the job, my speech problems have been getting worse again and more evident. We have to read certain parts of a script word for word in presentations. When it comes to that, I've been having a lot more of the speech problems coming back over that again, and in high times of pressure, I find myself doing it as well. I either talk way too fast and dont know it until a customer says it, I stutter a lot more, and some of the words or letters I recite run together.

More of my customers tend to hang up on me or not let me finish what Im supposed to say due to my speech problem ive noticed, and I feel let down and very frustrated and sad by the end of a work day as a result. And I tend to ask myself, "Whats my problem?" by the end of the day and beat on myself. Or after the last call, "Why did I do that?" and lightly pound my fists on the table when I knew it was due to my speech. Or I call myself dumb or "that was stupid" or "what did I do that for?" Or, " How come it had to come out that way?" And I feel like a retard as a result compared to other people and think I could probably be a way better salessperson if I didnt have such a problem like this. And would be sitting pretty with a promotion had ADHD and LD be not present in my life.

It happens when I least expect it on and off and its aggravating.

I often ask, "How did I get into a job like this with these problems I do have?"

I've had people even write me off like some of those customers do in the same way in real life face to face or on a phone with them. It makes me feel mad and like I dont matter and that they dont want to hear what I say because Im stupid. It hurts me since its been the story of my life.

And then Im in a fog and forget a lot since Im adhd and Im hyper and impulsive. I catch on slower to things if its not what i study and am interested in. I manage to keep my hyperactivity down, but its still there since im rockin in the chair a lot and always movin my hands when i talk, too punchy and distractible with the neighbors who sit by me once in awhile, am writing, and my leg is movin up and down. I have temptations to leave but i never do since im determined to keep a job and not quit like the last ones. (and this I have to since im movin on my own from a rehabilitation system after 7 years of being there to pay the expenses for my new apartment and to prove i can keep a job since ive went thru too many. And i want to go to school, get a car, and eventually own a business)

So, that's me. Did anyone else ever have their speech problems come back in different life situations and in different points in their life bad again? And then they thought it was gone before that?

Thank you,

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Posted:Oct 21, 2005 7:33:33 AM

Hi KT,
I recently read a report on some research into Dyslexia and Rhythm.
Whilst you dont have Dyslexia, from what you write, I would suggest that your underlying problem may be with your sense of Rhythm / Tempo.
Your mention of rocking on your chair, leg moving up and down. Suggests an attempt to try and reset your Tempo?
Your hyper-activity is probably related to this?
So you may be able to resolve this, by developing a stronger sense and control of your natural Rhythm and Tempo?
Learning to play a musical intrument, could be helpful in this regard?
Or singing songs?
Also in relation to your work as a Phone Rep, perhaps you could have a Metronome on your desk in front of you?
Or anything visual that you can set at a comfortable Tempo, which can be used to control your Pace.
Or maybe even 'slow foot tapping'?
Anything that will help you maintain a Tempo that you are comfortable with?
Maybe you could consider this, and let me know what you think?


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Posted:Oct 24, 2005 4:58:54 PM

And... I think your most important question was about "how did I get into a job like this?"
I'd work on getting better at it - pick one or two things to focus on and congratulate yourself when you remember them, and give Geoff's ideas a try - but also be looking for jobs that are a better fit. Let's face it, it's not a job that highlights your strengths. (Keep in mind, though - they might not be hanging up on you 'cause of your speech problem. People get hung up on *every day.* )
It can be really hard to believe in yourself when *every day* you're going to do something that makes you feel stupid. It's the job that is stupid, not you (tho' it might not be a stupid job for somebody else). Now, since what does not kill you *can* make you stronger, try taking the bit between your teeth and take this chance to make your already fine self a little bit better so you can say "'way back in the day when I was working the phones, I *learned* to slow down my speaking and think in a phrase at a time."
If it's a total flop, you can say "way back in the day, I learned I was lousy at working the phones!" (I found out the hard way that I was pretty lousy at teaching very small children; lousy enough to get fired for basically being a scary thing to those little three and four year olds.) But don't let it define you as a failure. What are you doing *right?* Keep doing that, no matter how badly the rest of the job goes.

Sue J, webmastress www.resourceroom.net

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