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Posted Dec 22, 2005 at 8:29:15 AM
Subject: dsylexia

hi every one
just come across your web site. i have been told that dyslexic copuile of months ago. i just accpecting it. i am 24 and am just learning my phonics which hoping will help wiht my spelling as i work wiht chlidren so it would good to be able to spell properly wiht out haveing to ask someone.

i looking for a new job but not had much luck.
who wants some one wiht dsylexia? i not going to decleare it next time go for a interveiw.

i will not let it hold me back though as i am learning to drive whcih finding very hard but will not give up.

i do sometimes feel like should have dsylexic tatooed a cros my forhead as people look at you as if you supid when you take longer than some people to do things.

never mind if they cant see me for who i am then that there problem. just kep smiluig

im dysleixc not stupid

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Posted:Dec 22, 2005 11:26:42 AM

Hi! Lots of folks are BUSY BUSY with the holidays, but welcome aboard :-) Spelling doesn't count here... sounds like you're really moving forward and applying yourself!

Keep smilin' yourself

Sue J, webmastress www.resourceroom.net

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Posted:Feb 12, 2006 11:53:40 PM

I am to and you can learn to handle it. You might try reading slower and saying what you read out loud.

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