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Help with not getting distracted and taking my medicine

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Posted Feb 27, 2006 at 1:55:17 AM
Subject: Help with not getting distracted and taking my medicine

I currently have to take medication for a reason other then a learning disability although i forget to take it because of my LD. I know its my LD because i tend to have reminders or a reminder setup to take my medicine but then i just say like "oh ill do it in 5 mins" and then it turns in to 10 etc etc. I sometimes will say ill do it after im done "x" but then i forget. I know its due to a distraction issue most likely in that i get distracted in doing something else.

I have tried everything from pill cases etc and i know taking medication for my LD wont help because i will just have to remember my medicine for that. I am not against taking it but the issue i have is trouble with not getting distracted after saying to myself that i will take it. A lot of times i say ill take it then next thing you know i get distracted and am doing something else.

My problem is clearly a LD issue getting in the way. I know so because i also do it with other things i have to do like meetings etc. I guess i just can't seem to focus or tell myself stop doing this and go do "x" like take my medicine.

I think the reason i don't put off meetings and stuff completely like i do with the medicine is because my other stuff is always sitting there or must be completed (like i can't say ill do it in 5 minutes all the time for a meeting otherwise i will miss the meeting). The difference with my medicine is i have learned that i can put it off for a little bit but i wish i could just clear that and make myself do it promptly without getting distracted when i have my reminder or when i tell myself. I tell myself take your medicine then next thing you know I'm back doing something else.

Any ideas? My problem is clearly and issue of focus/distraction and getting distracted doing something else and not focusing.

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Posted:Feb 27, 2006 9:08:23 AM

Part of it seems to be the self-talk that medication can be put off. I know this is one my dd struggles with. Changing the self-talk to "my medication needs to be taken right away for my continued health" may make it more of a priority.

Another thing would be to have a secondary reminder. There are a lot of different gadgets such as Watchminder, Medminder, alarm on your cell phone, on the computer, or a PDA. It might be helpful that whatever alarm you use have a text message as well.

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Posted:Feb 27, 2006 12:20:40 PM

I think you're going to have to erase that idea that you can put it off for a few minutes. You can't. It means it doesn't happen.

Before Nike made it a s logan, I tried to figure out how people got discipline; I knew they always said "you just do it." I realized for me, that meant that you ONLY do it. SO when it's time to pay the bills... NOTHING else can be done, not getting a drink of water, not answering an email, not... do Just it and NOTHING ELSE.

Then, of course, Nike had the same idea. Too bad I couldn't make money off it :=)

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Posted:Feb 27, 2006 1:33:56 PM

If the medicine is once a day, I take it first thing in the morning, period, before doing anything else. This is how I'm dealing with my thyroid meds and it is doing well.

If it is imprtant to take it on a schecule, I set an alarm clock. One of the really annoying dollar-store ones with no automatic shutoff -- it just keeps beeping until you get fed up and do something about it. Best to keep the medicine beside the alarm clock or vice vers aso you don;t get distracte in between, and both with a glass of water.

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Posted:Sep 22, 2006 10:40:24 PM

I always find it interesting when people say things like what you're saying, particularly in regards to ADHD medication (which, I assume, is what you are referring to). Personally, the state I'm in before medication is so intolerable that I almost can't wait to take my medication. Between the exhausting mental and physical restlessness and the constant ADHD "fog", I wonder how I ever got through life without medication.

Now, of course there are always going to be problems remembering what time I actually took the medication and remember how long I'm supposed to wait to take the next dose (as well as forgetting to take the second dose because things are going well and then suddenly realizing I'm back in the fog). But that initial dose I don't forget.

So it makes me wonder if this medication is working for you, or if there are side-effects to the medication that you find difficult to handle. Maybe it's time to find something more effective/with a lower side-effect profile that won't leave you thinking "Just 5 more minutes" (as all ADHD'ers tend to do with a million things that don't seem at all pressing or full of short-term rewards)


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Perhaps use a watch to send yourself reminders. Also, using a cell phone which can ring you reminders might be helpful.

I noticed for example on this site is a watch for sell to help with reminders.

I am guilty of writing stuff on the back of my hand to give me reminders!!!!:P
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