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New to Forum Lots of Burning LD Questions

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Posted Apr 09, 2006 at 7:09:13 PM
Subject: New to Forum Lots of Burning LD Questions

First of all I apologize for the random content of these qustions but I will just put them out there. I was wondering if anyone has ever heard of scoptic sensitivity or Irlen syndrome. I have a history of LDs and have wondered if this was the culprit. Much to my dismay my doctors don't seem to know much about it.
My second question is does anyone find that their math learning disorder affects their whole lives? Esp. during tasks like navigation, left and right orientation (when the task gets complicated), or trying to dance to music?
My last question is the most embarassing...my entire life I have struggled to feel that I was metally present when trying to interact with a person or persons. It is very difficult. I can respond intelligently but I often have no recollection of saying what people tell me that I said. Even if I'm following the conversation I often have a "wish I was here feeling." I feel locked out of my body and theres nothing I can do to come back except wait until I'm back in my own environment... or somtimes I just have to be having a "good day". I realize that this can be emotional but I'm not so convinced of that. Any thoughts? [Yes you may say that it's emotional if thats what you really think :)]


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Posted:Apr 09, 2006 8:03:01 PM

First, I totally believe in Irlen Syndrome (Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome). My dd was dx'd with it 2 years ago and accommodating with the right lighting and colors has made her life much easier. I also have an adult friend who was recently dx'd after years of wondering why she had trouble sustaining reading for very long and why she couldn't keep her eyes focused to a straight line of text. (She figured out that she might have it after attending a professional seminar on SSS. As an ABE instructor she likes to keep up on current thinking.) You can find out more about SSS at http://www.irlen.com It also has information about screeners in each state.

I would be concerned about the feeling of not being "mentally present". That could indicate a dissassociative state which you would need to see a psychiatrist about. A thorough evaluation probably wouldn't be a bad idea.

Hope this helps you some.

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Posted:Jul 20, 2006 8:13:51 PM

Just wanted to respond by saying that I giggled to myself in recognition with the Math LD and the left & right orientation/dancing thing.
I tried to take an Aerobics class once - Never again! I was going the opposite of everyone else!
And I actually have a very good sense of direction - but actually giving someone directions is nearly impossible for me. I always hand over the phone to someone else or "direct" people to mapquest.com.

I can also disconnect during conversations. I had a boss throw papers in my face and call me incompetent once...I realize that this is abuse now but at the time I thought that I was a total airhead. Turns out sometimes I phase out...guess my brain needs a small vacation during a blink occasionally...


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Posted:Aug 14, 2006 11:10:37 AM

Well, I have (among my LD's) dyscalculia, but mostly it affects arithmetic for me. I do, however, have to think about which is right and which is left (so in a high speed situation, I just point -- that way)and due to problems that caused me to be in a hand-eye coordination class (visual perceptive training), I cannot dance any complex dances and I am a bit clumsy to this day.

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Posted:Aug 05, 2007 5:18:34 PM

Forgive me for this EXTREMELY late response but I just learned how to work this thing. I thought no one would answer my questions for the longest time. LOL! (Hey this IS an LD forum). Anyway, thanks MeganK and Gretchen for commiserating with me and scifinut for your honesty. What a sad thing to struggle in a begginers dance class but boy I kept trying for about six years. My body could dance forever but my brain is another story. I recently found out I also have some problems with anxiety and you're right scifinut, I do dissociate on occasion. Luckily, after a great deal of counseling for things I suffered in my past, I hardly do it at all anymore. I definately have God to thank for that personal achievement!


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