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Children with LD and Library Use

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Posted Apr 12, 2006 at 3:43:15 PM
Subject: Children with LD and Library Use

I'm a graduate student in Library and Information Science. For one of my courses, I am writing a paper focusing on public libraries and children and teens with learning disabilities. I already found information about LD and policies and challenges from the librarians' point-of-view. I would like to get information from the point-of-view of children with LD and their parents and families.

If you could answer these questions, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


ps: I wasn't sure which forum to post this. If this is the wrong area, please let me know.

Is the library an opening and welcoming place for children with LD and other special needs?

What are some challenges you have faced in regards to navigating the collection?

Asking for assistance at the reference desk?

Interacting with librarians and other staff?

Participating in library programs for children and teens?

If librarians are aware of your special needs, are accommodations provided as needed?

Does the collection provide adequate resources about LD and other disabilities for parents? For children and teens with disabilities?

Does the collection provide materials that accommodate the needs of people with LD (i.e. books on tape, audio-visual materials, interactive software, kits)?

How could your library improve in regards to interaction with children and young adults with learning disabilities?

Resources provided on LD?

Inclusion of this population in library programs and activities?

How do you feel about your overall library experience?

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