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Posted May 08, 2006 at 3:25:06 PM
Subject: Welcome to the new LD OnLine forums

Dear LD OnLine Community:

Welcome to our new LD OnLine Web site and forums. We hope you are enjoying the new site.

We know there are some changes in the new forums, and we've heard your concerns. We recognize that the new format may take some time go get used to, but we are trying very hard to include all of the functions you are all accustomed to.

Here are some answers to the questions we have received:

1) We removed the "posts since last visit" link because it wasn't working correctly. As soon as we figure out what's going on with that, we'll reinstate it.

2) Posts are not limited by length. Quick reply means that you can reply quickly, without having to go to another screen. If you prefer to have the regular post message interface, click the words “advanced options” above the quick reply text box. Or, to start a new thread, you can click on the New Topic button in the upper right side of each main category page, next to the page numbers.

3) We managed to import all of our archives, so you should still be able to go back to posts created before we switched over

4) We are working on implementing a search function specifically for the forums, and will alert you all when we launch it.

Please post your questions and feedback as replies to this message or click the email button at the end of this post. We may not be able to answer every question immediately, but will address common concerns by updating this post.

Please know that we are working diligently to make the forums fully functional and easy for you to use. Thank you all for your patience and for being a part of our community.

Best wishes,
LD OnLine

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