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Posted May 14, 2006 at 11:20:10 AM
Subject: Dyspraxic Movement

This is a very urgent its time for some massive changes in the states. Hello: My name is Warren Fried I am a 24 year old Dyspraxic and have decided the lack of awareness and support in this country was so limited. Thus I have started the First NFP Dyspraxic Unit in the entire Country. I am starting to get some social awareness and proper positive input for the Org but I would love to put a proper posting here to gather up more troops for the movement. Just because we are wired different it doesnt mean society should pass us on and we deserve the same proper respect as anyone else with Learning Differences. Being Neuro Diverse isnt wrong at all, its beautiful and should be celebrated. Thus please all look at the website http://www.dyspraxiausa.com / I will be speaking at the " Neuro Diverse", conference in London and am so keen to gather more people from the states to help in any aspect that is possible. This is a movement that is way overdue and with children being now diagnosed with Dyspraxia its time for change. Thus lets do this together, sincerly, Warren Jay Fried a 24 year old Dyspraxic.


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