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Indentifying daughters issues (Long)

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Posted May 23, 2006 at 10:52:10 PM
Subject: Indentifying daughters issues (Long)

Hello...I am in need of some help for my daughter. My husband and I are at our wits end!

Our daughter has always been passionate and definate, but can also be a sweetie. She is 8. Last fall we adopted a 6 year old boy. Since that time her behaviors have become extreme. With a lot of work, she finally settled down in early December. In mid March the issues came back...but much more intense.

She has been diagnosised as mildly ADHD and is currently seeing a Phycologist.

Her behaviors are the following:
*Can't keep her hands off people...but usually she's not trying to hurt others (although sometimes when she's angry she will hit)
*When she gets angry, she will exhibit extreme anger and become out of control. These episodes can last anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour (sometimes more)
*After these espisodes she becomes very upset over her behavior, almost as if she is in dispair.
*Many times she doesn't remember the entire incident..only bits and pieces.
*She can't be talked down from the espisode or distracted from it.
*She becomes extremely disrespectful during these episodes.
*Children have had to be removed from the same room as her during these espisodes and we've had to be called to pick her up from school or daycare. Daycare has approached us about her not being able to attend because they can't handle her behaviors.
*Acedemically she is pretty much on target.
*She exhibits aggressive/controlling behavior in certain situations and can be extremely disrepectful
*She has periods of being a very normal and reasonable child.

What should we do? Does anyone recongize these behaviors? Any thoughts, suggestions or just hearing from someone who has been through this would be great!


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Posted:May 24, 2006 12:19:55 AM

Here are some of things that I have heard:

if she has food intollerances, this can trigger this type of behavor
does she had a dominant side - I have been told that termendous emotional fits can come from not having a completely dominant hemisphere (that means same dominant hand, eye, ear, arm and leg)

The fact that she doesn't remember much of her fits and obviously looses track of time (half an hour to an hour is a long time for a fit) means that she is in a semi-conscious or a sleep-walk type of state. This is a neurological issue.

Why don't you bounch your daughter's reactions off of the people at Handle and see what they tell you.
If you don't get far there, try


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