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difficulty making friends

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Posted Jul 14, 2006 at 11:06:37 AM
Subject: difficulty making friends

I am an adult with a language related LD and I have difficulty making friends. Anyone else in my shoes?

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Posted:Jul 15, 2006 8:31:58 PM

Yes, I kind of had that issue throughout my entire life thus far. Because of my visual- motor- skill issues, I lacked any kind of athletic talent, which resulted in a lackluster social life my etire school career. I generally isolate myself socially. I feel like articualtion of thought and speech are a problem that has contributed to me being a hermit. I thought about joining a Monistary, but couldn't handle those itchy wool robes that they have to wear.

I like people, but when you've failed to meet your own expectations and the expectations of others your entire life, you tend to become more introverted as you age.

I don't know you or your circumstances. I hope you at least have family who support you and your goals. Life is a battle that can be one! It does help to have support along the way. Hope you find someone to lift you up when you are down..
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