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3yr old self hits

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Posted Jul 17, 2006 at 11:56:23 AM
Subject: 3yr old self hits

My 3yr 2mo old nephew hits himself in the head (really hard) repeatedly. I does not seem to be done for reasons of frustration in that he does it when he's happy / sad / mad. It seems more random. He does it throughout the day. He strikes himself very hard and sometimes will strike his own head against the wall. His expressive language seems a bit delayed. I have a 10 yr old w/ aud. processing problems and know that early intervention is key. But WHERE do I suggest my sister in law go? Is this language? Sensory? Where is a good starting point.

Parent to 10yr old boy w/ auditory processing disorder.

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Posted:Jul 17, 2006 2:15:26 PM

I would suggest getting an eval from a pediatric neurologist or neuropsychologist.

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Posted:Sep 25, 2006 9:12:07 PM

I suggest reading Delacato's "The Ultimate Stranger" and see if your nephew is hyposensitive to touch. If he is, then he probably has a few other sensory issues. This book will give you a lot of info.
Another place would be fernridgepress.com and order Svea Gold's book copyright 2005 "If Kid's Just Came with Instruction Sheets." You'll get a lot of info there as well.

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