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Posted Jul 20, 2006 at 7:08:13 PM
Subject: Retention


I've just discovered this website and am wondering if any of you have had experience with mediation and retention?

I am trying to retain my 12 yr old in 6th grade. He just completed 6th grade in a Special Day Class and I would like him to do 6th grade in regular general ed mainstream class.
The school district refuses and I've just filed for mediation.

My other son was retained at kindergarten level in a different school which was very successful.

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Posted:Jul 22, 2006 12:02:17 PM

I don't have experience with either. Would like to know how the mediation works out. According to our state OSPI mediators are suppose to know the special ed laws. I would think it might be helpful as then they are trying to find something both parties agree with.I have the feeling the school just automatically disagrees with me and I really try to find alternatives.So I would be very interested in how it works out for you. On the retention I know a 7th grader whose parents wanted to retain him as was not doing well. At first, the student was ok with it until a girl in his class got interested in him and now he doesn't want to be retained.The other thing is his reading is at 4th grade level. Actually teaching him to read would be more benefit than repeating a grade. I would make sure your child has the accomodations written in the IEP that he needs in a non-support room and make sure that your child knows what they are because in my experience usually they don't give accomodations unless you or student asks for it.

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