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I just want to go to college! Sheesh.

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Posted Jul 20, 2006 at 7:25:23 PM
Subject: I just want to go to college! Sheesh.

Wrapping it up (for the most part) in Community College. Got it all set - except the Math.
I've attempted four out of five semesters to take Elementary Algebra and have withdrawn/incomplete/or out and out failed the course.
I have LD documents, special tutoring services, extended test taking, etc. I'm actually pretty good at Algebra - problem is that I can't remember it! No recall, no rote memory..its like making the same recipe everyday and having to look up the ingredients everytime. My tutors always wonder why I'm even in the office! I'm so good at it in class and right after we've learned it! Until the next day - and if I have to learn how to do decimals one more time, I'm afraid I'll just slash my throat with a subtraction sign.
I just want to go SFSU next fall - I'm making one last ditch attempt with this BYU distance learning course and trying to at least try to apply for Special Circumstances during my actual application for admission.
I'm at my wits end here - I have a 3.8 without the F's in Math. I aced Human Anatomy for chrissakes - I just can't recall math. Period. And I'm a Speech Path major - it isn't like I'll need Algebra. I can balance my checkbook, I can operate a calculator, and, unlike Algebra classes, in real life they let you use notes.
- anyone else have recall issues? I am also an ommiter/transposer..but I've found ways to work around those, but still no "tricks" to help w/ the recall.
Anyone in similar situations or with similar LDs - please respond.



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Posted:Jul 21, 2006 6:00:46 AM

Hi Megan,
You may be have visual spatial Dyscalculia?
Where you wrote:"I'm actually pretty good at Algebra - problem is that I can't remember it! No recall, no rote memory..its like making the same recipe everyday and having to look up the ingredients"
Where the way that you try to recall it is the question? Where it needs to be memorised and recalled as a Visual mental image. If an equation is recalled as a visual mental image, then it is recalled as a single image. Though if the equation is remembered verbally, then a string of words need to remembered. But when verbally recalled, problems can emerge with recalling the precise sequential process of the calculation.
Also keeping each step in the calculation related to the overall calculation.
So your difficulty may be with remembering and recalling your algebra in a visual form?

You might like to have a look at a Dyscalculia Forum?


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Posted:Sep 17, 2006 8:59:46 PM

Hello MeganK,

Have you requested that your community college substitute the math requirement for something else such as a critical thinking course so that you can obtain an Associates degree? If you can get the community college to do so then it will help you in your bid to get into San Francisco State University. Apply to SFSU and apply through SFSU’s Disability Programs and Resource Center’s Undergraduate Admissions Assistance for Students with Disabilities.

Since I do not know what your status is with regards to admission into SFSU ( sounds like you want to apply for Fall 2007 and not Fall 2006) I would recommend to ask for substitutions for the math requirement at the community college then apply for special admit through the SFSU DPRS office. In your application state that you are or have been approved for substitutions at the community college and that you are willing to take substitution courses at the university to meet the math requirement. If your community college does not offer substitutions then just state that you are willing to take them at SFSU.

Substitutions show that you are willing to do the work and that you are not asking to have requirements waived.

According to DPRS’s website it sounds, as if you would meet the requirements for special admit.

Check the following websites out.



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