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I need reading fluency rates by grade level (words per min.)

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Posted Jul 26, 2006 at 5:04:54 AM
Subject: I need reading fluency rates by grade level (words per min.)

I've been teaching and tutoring reading and other subjects for some years, but I realize I have no chart for a standard reading rate (words per minute) for each grade level. For example, I'm working with a second-grader and doing fluency practice by rereading short passages and charting his WPM. But his mom wants to know what his rate SHOULD be for his grade. Ummm... I was guessing 80 - 100 wpm for a passage at 2nd grade level that he has not yet practiced. He averages about 60 wpm now (up from 40 wpm about 4 months ago - hooray!).

Anyone have a reference or chart that I can use for him and future students?

Also - any other suggestions to build fluency besides rereading and flashcards of sight words he is not proficient at.


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One of my books gives these numbers:
Gr. 1: 50-80wpm (first # beginning of year; second # end of year)

Gr. 2: 50-90wpm
Gr. 3: 80-115
Gr. 4: 100-120
Gr. 5: 100-130 wpm

I also use the chart in the QRI manual, but that's at school right now.


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Posted:Jul 28, 2006 3:11:04 PM

Thanks, Jenn.

End of 2nd grade at 80 or 90 WPM is the goal I just saw on 2 different research projects posted online

So now, I'd like more advice: This 2nd grader reads an average of 60 WPM. I worked with him privately most of last year and this summer. His mother asked me if they should continue private tutoring in 3rd grade or wait and see how he does. (I'm sure they would love to save the time and money if they believe that he will be OK without tutoring.) His comprehension is fine. His classroom teacher agreed that fluency is the main issue: he can read 2nd grade material, but works very slowly. He could use more phonics work - he can decode new words, but slowly. I feel like he's "in between". He certainly could use more private remediation, but he won't fail or flounder without it. He is in a private Catholic school with a small amount of resource help from a resource teacher who does not have much specialized training.

Should I advise continued tutoring? Does it work to wait and see with a kid who's main problem is fluency? I'm trying to be objective and professional, although I like the student and his family and would love to have them continue. But I have so far said that the parents need to decide.

(I am going to post this question on the parent forum, too.)

Lisa SP

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Ken C
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Posted:Aug 02, 2006 9:52:44 PM

To further improve fluency at 2nd grade level, I would move from sight words in isolation to working with phrases.
Immediate correction with intonation somewhat exagerrated helps eventually to build better comprehension skills while you advance to 3rd and 4th grade fluency goals.
Modeling how the passage or paragraph should sound is very helpful.
At 2nd grade I'm much more interested in what the reading sounds like than the wpm score. Many people want exact numbers, but 60wpm in one 2nd grader can be much better reading than 80 in another.
From the profile you gave, I think continued tutoring with the parents involved in daily timed exercises would seem beneficial.

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