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Technology in the workplace/ school

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Posted Jul 26, 2006 at 9:34:45 PM
Subject: Technology in the workplace/ school

I am a spedie in more ways then one. First I have a learning disability in reading and writing, Second I am a speical education teacher. I did got to college and currently working in a middle school teaching students with LD. Also I am also getting a maters in speical education.

I do have a severe learning disaisbilty altough many are suprised because of what i do but being LD does not mean you are not smart.

I am a member of RFBD (recording of the blind and dislexic) I recive my books on tape or CD for college and plesure.

I also have a great suport in my jod (by this i mean prof readers.)

I was thinking about getting Assistive Technology (AT) for grad school and for IEP. I do not like to speech reconsition softwere I have. I was thing about Co:writer and write out loud. Does any one use these or know of other AT that work for them. Although I feel like i have a good ideal of resource out there and AT aviables. I wanted to know if othes use technology.

How dose technolige work for you or what technology would you like.

please for give my spelling and grammer I am LD.

Special ed in more ways then one.

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