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Call for participants in Handwriting study

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Posted Aug 14, 2006 at 3:13:49 AM
Subject: Call for participants in Handwriting study

Hello - I'm posting this here with hopes that teachers or parents with dysgraphic children who live in the San Francisco Bay area, might find it interesting and would like to particapate.
Thank you, Bill G

San Francisco Bay Area

Hello, I am a Human Factors / Ergonomics MS graduate at San Jose State University who is developing interactive computer aided coaching system for children with poor handwriting. The system aims at become an intervention tool instead of a bypass technology i.e., to train/coach a child to learn cursive handwriting.

The San Jose State Universities Internal Review Board has approved this study, and with its guidance, I am seeking a pool of volunteer participants, aged 9-12 who exhibit dysgrahic traits or, have been specifically assessed as being dysgraphic.

This phase of the project focuses on the copying and tracking of cursive letter-forms, and is estimated to take approximately 30 to 45 min. This is an ecological study and therefore, needs be conducted in the classroom environment that the child is familiar with, i.e., home-schooled children would be tested at home, and children who attend public or other schools would be tested in their classroom.

If your child struggles with dysgraphia or has dysgraphic traits, and would like to participate in this stage of the projects development, please contact me via email "handwriting_training at yahoo dot com" [plese replace "at" with @ and "dot" with . thankyou.] I will promptly send the letters of support and verification from the University, along with more information about the thesis/project.

I hope to begin setting up meeting times the week of August 28- September 3, and begin testing September 4 – 16. Thank you for your interest.

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