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Hello, new member here

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Posted Aug 21, 2006 at 1:45:31 AM
Subject: Hello, new member here

Hello. This is a neat site, the resources here seem quite helpful.

I will tell you a bit about myself and my learning disabilities.

I'm 20. I enjoy the arts (especially music), and the sciences have always fascinated me. I was born with a visual/auditory/motor processing disorder and a mathematics disorder. I only discovered the processing disorder about three years ago, however, when I was thought to have Sensory Integration Dysfunction. School systems did not understand the problems nor had the resources to help, and I did not receive a full formal education. [In conventional classes, the information exceeds my ability to process it, and I come away absorbing nothing or at least nothing of value. The situation is the same even with the assistance most colleges provide. In special education, while I was in elementary through high school, I was given schoolwork that was below my grade level and ability. The processing disorder encompasses all other aspects of life as well, social relationships being one of the most difficult, as those here probably know and/or have experienced.

It has been quite difficult experiencing life this way, and it is encouraging knowing others share in similar struggles. I believe there is a valid reason each of us exists, and we all have something great to contribute to the world, however insignificant or incapable we feel we are. Getting to that point though, is the difficult part . I hope to be an encouragement to those at this site.
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