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Training new Employees

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Posted Sep 12, 2006 at 8:19:49 PM
Subject: Training new Employees

I'm a 20s female with LD.
I have no friends, and very poor self esteem because I was teased and tormented since 1st grade, and I still am now. Its really sad that sometimes you wonder why people treat you like this. Anyways, at my work, there are 12 employees. I'm a contractor with the Federal Government. Out of the 12, I'm the lowest paid person, and the lowest level. Everyone else does much more harder maps and work than me. I work with GIS (Geographic Information Systems)So like how do you expect a LD adult to train people without LD how to do GIS? The government person expects me to train others? I cant even teach others how to read music or play piano, although I have played piano for a long time. I actually had to do a class in college where I had to student teach beginning piano for non piano majors. I was so confused, and confused the class!! I dont want to give people wrong information. I dont know if I should contact DRS or just let it go, or quit. I mean how can you expect a person as dumb as me with LD to teach others who have PHDs how to do GIS?

Does ANYONE have problems training people at work how to do something? Like if there is a new employee, and you have to train that employee on how to do cash register for example...


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