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perseverence isn't possible when you're so use to failure.

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Posted Sep 12, 2006 at 11:26:40 PM
Subject: perseverence isn't possible when you're so use to failure.

Which I am! Sorry this is going to be negative. Recently, I made the foolish decision to return to college. I'm taking one course, biology, because it's difficult for me and I knew that all my concentration had to be focused on it in order to ensure my best chance at success. We're into the 5th week of the course now and none of the material is making the slightest bit of sense at all to me. I've personally come to the conclusion that for me to continue in the course and expect to pass it is as assanine as expecting an amputee to win a relay race.

The only thing that is keeping me in the course for now, is the fact that I spent a lot of money on it, and I have a history of walking away from college when it gets progressively more difficult. My family will be deeply dissapointed in me if I do cut and run (again), but I've been thinking of shutting them out of my life for a while, meaning moving out of their clutches and fending for myself in the real world, which will be difficult living on my piss poor wage.

In reality I think some *individuals* have to come to the relization that more doors are shut to them than (or is it then?)other folks. I heard a women put it this way once, "Garbage men are the A-holes of society, without the A-hole the body stops functioning". I have a minimum wage IQ, therefor I'm doomed to work unskilled labor for the rest of my life, and that's just the way it is.

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the only person who believes that you cant do it is you. and thats all you need.


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