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What Happened to Me?

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Posted Sep 23, 2006 at 10:03:52 AM
Subject: What Happened to Me?

An interesting thing has happened since I have posted about my math problems and CAPD. Strangely it's as if my brain has healed of math LD's, or maybe I didn't have any LD in the first place. This semester I'm taking college level liberal arts math ( for transfer to university where I'll be majoring in art history), and it seems so easy as I have not had to go to the disabled center to take my tests and quizes. Yesterday I took a thirty question test and it only took me about forty five minutes out of an hour and a half alloted time to do it (as for my other classes a test like that took two to three hours at the disabled center). Also I've been getting A's and B's on my fifteen point quizes and I only have twenty minutes to do those. The rest of the tests are mostly review of 12th grade math but with a college level twist on it ( a step up from 12th grade algebra and math). Last year I actually dropped out of this class as the new stuff we were learning in the class I just couldn't pick up fast enough. This year it seems like I'm breezing through everything and my tutors are amazed at my progress. Last week i actually found an error in the answer key of my text book and showed my tutor my answer, and I was the one who was right! :)

Does this show my brain is healing of my LD's, or maybe I'm not "slow" in math as I was diagnosed with three years ago? I still have people say my problems are due to poor teaching at the elementary level, but what about when you're a gifted ten year old but special ed kids younger than you can remember their times tables? Then there's those people who say it's my low self esteem, but if that's true then Japan's students (who in a study was at the bottom of the self esteem scale) would be not too good at math either. The person who said it's low self esteem is one of my former remedial math teachers and I had thought she would probably be one of the teachers who think the self esteem movement is all bunk as you get people who feel good about themselves but can't do math.

By the way. I'm also not using any notes for tests in this class. Calculators are another thing though but I won't need them until later on when there are formulas to be solved that require the use of a calculator.
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