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Do you feel like ur LD is stoppin u from making friends?

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Posted Sep 29, 2006 at 3:11:58 AM
Subject: Do you feel like ur LD is stoppin u from making friends?

It's not that I dont like ppl or hanging out with them or anythin but I like makin walls so that they wont beable to get anythin outta me. I know it sounds reallyy weird but im scared of talkin to ppl all of a sudden. I dont know why but how can I come out of my shell and talk to ppl without feelin ashamed of bein LD? Do any of you feel this way? If so, how do u overcome this phase or I dont know what id call it.

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Posted:Oct 17, 2006 12:01:22 PM

hi there i just want to tell u that there are a lot in you more than ur LD. you are a person with your own personality, attitude, interests, hobbies, jokes and many other things that people look for in there friends. i do not think your friends care to know that you have LD and if they do know about it it won't effect thier relationship with you if they like your other personality elemenets.
by the way do you know that other people without Ld may have big problems with math, reading, writing,or directions. they never talk about it. if you meet this new friend that you really like would you worry if he or she can not read at her or his age level?!! would you leave them for that?!!
you know some people have same dificulty at school just because they do not try harder. I know that students with LD try very hard and they have to be proud.
Just have fun , make friendships, talk about music, movies, sport, love. no body will ask about your level at school.

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