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Posted Sep 30, 2006 at 4:23:15 PM
Subject: Help please

I have been told by schools for a long time that i have a learning dissability but i never beleived in that until recently. I have a real hard time getting information from stuff im reading. Im currently trying to study for my learners permit for driving and the guide its really hard to understand it. its been like this all thru out school and has really held me back. I can read most things jsut fine like chatting online with friends... but when im shown a lot of information it gets messed up and is stressful trying to understand/think about. and after awhile it feelings like im hitting a mental wall. and i just give up.

even normal books i dont normally have trouble with...but i find myself reading pages over and over sometimes before i get it. and when im done reading the book i find theres so much stuff i missed.

my dad doesnt beleive me or the schools. does anyone have an idea what this is called if theres a term for it? is it significant enought to where i could look it up somewhere?

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Posted:Oct 01, 2006 8:45:21 PM

I have the same prob as u though I've been told that there isnt a name for my disability either and im curious to know just as u are. I dont think there's a name for mine either.

I'm a 3rd yr uni student studyin language communications and when I get a bunch of info, all I see are words but I can read them just fine. If a prof asked me to summarize the paragraph, I wont beable to answer the q. When I get help, most of the time I still dont understand what it says. Im a slow learner so it takes me longer to do thins and understand more than everyone else.

Readin is an issue for me too. I can never understand what it says. They're just sentences but I can read most thins too like u. My memories arent very good and like u, Im readin the book over and over again but sometimes I can remember them.

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Posted:Nov 11, 2006 8:15:40 AM


If you are in univeristy many of them have special tutoring centers for LD and testing. I would recommend trying there. They may offer assistance.

Further, it is often good to experiment with stategies and see what works and does not in your case.

-Such as reading with a book marker on each line.

-After reading a paragraph think, "what are they saying here."

-Take notes as you read if need be.

-LD can effect many areas and differently (reading comprehension to short term memory) therefore try to identify which area it may be and work on these areas.
Such as, there are books/kits which assist in building reading comprehension. I know I have short term memory issues. But I am also learning to play an instrument and this works this area. I have seen some improvement etc.

Hope this assists!!!!

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