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Neuro Net or Bal-A-Vis-X ??

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Posted Oct 12, 2006 at 10:36:32 AM
Subject: Neuro Net or Bal-A-Vis-X ??

Hi all!

I have tried searching the forums for information on these programs but haven't really come up with anything. I might not be searching correctly.

I have recently inherited a Belgau balance board from a family member. I ordered the Balametrics manual that explains exercises to do with the board and we are beginning some of these. This is for my ds, 8, who has dyslexia, APD, eye issues and I'm sure other things.

The person who told me about the Neuro Net program suggested I post here for more information on it. I also found the Bal-A-Vis-X program and wondered if anyone had any experience with it.

There is no one in our area that offers either of these programs so I'm unsure as to how I could go about doing this with my ds. Is it possible?

Does anyone have any info on these?


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Posted:Oct 15, 2006 1:24:27 PM

The search engine does not seem to work well anymore which is a shame, because there were a lot of good posts collected from years past.

In my opinion, NeuroNet is the most inclusive of the programs you mentioned, so that would be my choice. I have heard that you can do NeuroNet long-distance. You travel to the clinic where they do an evaluation, design exercises for your child, teach you the exercises, and send you home with a videotape of the exercises. After a certain period of time (I don't know how long), you return to the clinic for re-evaluation and new videotape of exercises. Your best bet for this would be to contact the clinic nearest you and talk to them about arrangements. Website for NeuroNet is http://www.neuronetonline.com.

Bal-A-Vis-X was designed for group work, so I'm not sure how easily it would transfer into one-on-one at home.

Balametrics was designed for one-on-one (but can be used with small groups). The manual I had years ago was not user-friendly for a parent because it did not offer a methodology for designing a program for your child. The manual basically just offered many variations of different exercises you could choose from. I don't know if they have improved the manual and videos since I used the program. It would be worth calling the company to ask.

NeuroNet incorporates the Belgau balance board and some of the Balametrics exercises, but incorporates many other exercises as well. Plus, NN tailors each program to the individual child.


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Posted:Feb 21, 2011 9:33:27 PM

Bal-A-Vis-X can be used in groups but is easy to use 1:1. I have used it with an autistic boy with good results. I also use it often in my sessions. It is easy, cheap, fun, And challenging. Not as easy as it looks. Rhythm, synchronization, and timing seems to be key in all these activities. The balance board increases the challenge. It starts with single practice and then moves to partner synchronization. Finally partners can move onto groups. The workshop is great. Bill has students as his assistants. To see what these kids can do and their success stories is incredible. It can also be modified for children with other disabilites.

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Posted:Apr 25, 2012 3:21:03 PM

Just wanted to point out that the website link for NeuroNet is no longer valid. It's www.neuronetlearning.com.

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