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Changing the child's status

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Posted Nov 01, 2006 at 12:53:56 AM
Subject: Changing the child's status

My daughter is currently in 2nd grade, but I think she has an apd (never been tested). We had her IEP on Friday. They wanted to change her status to Special Day Inclusion, meaning that she is still in a regular classroom, but gets to spend 60 min/day in the resource center instead of 40. They said the school will get to count her as 2 students with this new status (or designation, or whatever they call it). I want her to remain as resource because I don't want to go down the SDC path after being told by several teachers that she is not a candidate for SDC. SDC at our school is very severe, like mental retardation or other problems like abuse. Anyway, it made me sick that they wanted to change her classification so they could count her as 2 students instead of 1 for fear that the resource specialist might be sent to another school in the district one day per week if they don't have enough work for her at our school. Anyway, I turned down the reclassification so they had to cross it off the IEP report and will have to reprint the report.

I think my biggest issue is they did not discuss this change with me ahead of time and I am so actively involved in my daughters education. I am practically homeschooling her after school this year because she is not being getting what she needs at school. There are no better choices for second grade teachers so I am settling for what we got. I did pick her as the teacher thinking she would do ok, but I think she has already written my daughter off.

Please don't think I am in denial of my daughter's problems with school. I know there is an LD there, but it's more like it's inconvenient for her to be in that classroom so they are trying to send her off to the resource center as much as possible. I think the resource center is doing things that are too simple like repeating the short a sound. She is reading higher level than that, but she comes home and taps her fingers on the desk and says "Apple, Apple, a, a, a".

My question is, can they force me to change her (not sure what your school system calls it) designation, classification, level of service, etc....?? They asked me to think about it and that we could talk again in the spring.


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