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Seeking advice on getting school to help daughter

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Posted Nov 06, 2006 at 10:46:36 PM
Subject: Seeking advice on getting school to help daughter

I am new to all this Ld stuff... My daughter has always shown the signs of something we just didn't know what it was... she made it past first grade and is now having more troubles in 2nd grade and seems to not be passing.. so with having one meeting that didnt do us any good (besides deciding to have her tested OUTSIDE of the school with a phsychiatrist for Depression and ADD here in Nov.) and now almost a month and a hlf later teacher contacts me about daughter doing worse with school work... I want the school to test her for a learning disability and WANT to demand it be done before she falls more behind. I had contacted the teacher erlier on this year and told her I thought my daughter may have one and now she sees it too... so HOW do I get them to do just that and to ACCOMADATE my daughter ?? Please help!! THANK YOU
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Posted:Nov 11, 2006 8:03:19 PM

First, you need to write a letter to the school requesting your daughter be tested under IDEA Law. There are many different sites on special education that have sample letters. One of my favorites is http://www.studentadvocacycenter.org/sampleletters/ They have a lot of good samples that can be used by just changing a few things. For some you would need to find out what your state educational code is but that isn't too difficult.

If the school refuses testing you can write the same letter and send it to the district special education manager. This should get things moving if the first one doesn't.

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