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Possible LD causing depression

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Posted Nov 18, 2006 at 7:45:39 PM
Subject: Possible LD causing depression


My brother who is 22 now is causing me much concern. He has always struggled. At school he tried hard but was put in "ETC"-a special class for the "slower learners". Bullying was the result, he left school with no GCSE's and admits he did not understand his exam papers. He has only had about 3jobs since leaving school, he was sacked from each one, his bosses blaming his inability to follow instructions.My brother has not been able to find a job for 3yrs now,and he is becoming very depressed, this comes and go's. His application forms are unreadable and he cannot communicate over the phone or face to face. He has no friends or social life, he never goes out and refuses to mix. He takes his frustration out on my mom and dad who he still lives with.He has started to say things like " It would be better if i was dead". I know my brother struggles, at the age of 19 he argued with me about how many days were in the week. He would have to think seriously on adding 20 and 25 together. Could somebosy please advise or help me!!!! I am certain my brother has a LD related problem and im afraid if i don't find out what it is he will spiral into even more of a depression. Many thanks, Claire

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Posted:Nov 19, 2006 11:38:34 AM

I would suggest that you contact your local Occupation of Vocation Rehabilitation office and explain his situation to them. I think they're usually listed in the phone book, so you may want to check. They may be able to assist him with employment, and an evaluation for an LD diagnosis (depending on your parents level of income).

This is just a suggestion! I've never personally used OVR's services before. I've heard both good and horrible things about them.

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Posted:Nov 19, 2006 7:27:15 PM

Claire --
You need to get in touch with the local city or provincial Education or Labor/Works Department for Disabled Citizens. Start with a phone call to the local college or library, to find the resource. Your brother needs to be tested for LD first. /signed/ Joe Tag.

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Posted:Dec 05, 2006 6:53:33 AM

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Posted:Jan 01, 2007 8:10:07 AM

Hello Claire,
Your brother is very lucky to have such a loving and understanding sister as you. I would be most concerned with addressing your brother's depression and suicide threats - I would not take this lightly. My dd just went through a battey of evalutions and the one thing that stopped me cold in my tracks was the neuropsychologist educating me on the high risk of suicide in children/young adults with LD and ADHD. Just as you wrote, it has a huge impact on their social life (entire life). I would start by calling crisis intervention and finding a licensed counselor (psychologist or social worker). If your brother was in special education classes in school he must have been found to have some form of LD or DD. See if he qualifies for a Medicaid Service Coordinator or case manager to help get the services you need. Office of vocational services would be a good start for finding a job, but I feel your most urgent concern is that he may have major depression issues.
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