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How to talk to someone you think may have a LD?

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Posted Nov 30, 2006 at 4:53:57 PM
Subject: How to talk to someone you think may have a LD?

Hello...I have recently started dating a guy, who is just so wonderful. I think he may have a learning disability though. He thinks he may just be stupid, but in speaking to him he is really smart. He has failed an intro language course 4 times, and it looks like his previous girlfriend may have been doing his homework. He has a ton of trouble with spelling and grammar, and he can tell me ideas, but it seems that getting them down on paper is difficult. Even in typing, you can tell he uses spell check but they arent the right words. He mentions that he cants see the difference. I know he isnt stupid, and I think it may help him to be tested, but I don't know how, as a new girlfriend to bring this up. IT seems like he has a lot of shame around his schooling, and it doesnt make me love him any less. I think that if he is tested though, he will know he isnt stupid, and that the college he is at will be able to help him, because all he needs to graduate are his language courses...Any advise on how to bring this up with out hurting the relationship would be so helpful!!!

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