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My 8th grade IEP Student

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Posted Jan 12, 2007 at 9:11:32 PM
Subject: My 8th grade IEP Student

I have two 8th graders and they both have IEPs. It is so frustrating to me. I have read the IEP paperwork and I believe it is written to confuse. When you read something about your child you shoud be able to identify your child in the writting. I can see were my male twin fits in to the IEP program. My female twin is another subject. She seems to be, to have not picked up the skill of filtering information. It is driving me crazy. I know that she is very talented and can go far. I am afraid that with this IEP lable she will be limited in what she will be able to do with her futher.
I hear conflicting information as to if these children can go on to college or not. If they can obtain government jobs. Please advise

A VERY concerned parent,

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Posted:Feb 15, 2007 3:21:22 PM

I feel that you asking questions that are common with parents who have recently had their children diagnosed and have IEP's. I personally went through the same emotions.

Your student needs to find the accommodations that work for her to proficient in the world either a profession or college. Example would be more time on tests.

Her IEP allows her the accommodations to be successful in the general education classroom. She can use her accommodations that work for her in college.

Slow down you will find that your students will become more involved in their education and they know what they need help with and what will help them accommodate their best interest.

Good luck!


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