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Physical limitations w/ dyslexia

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Posted Jan 24, 2007 at 9:04:55 PM
Subject: Physical limitations w/ dyslexia

My son is 14 and dyslexic. He has problems with anything physical that uses both sides of the body at the same time. Like jumping jacks; bunny hops, jumping and kicking w/ one leg. I researched and researched this issue but found nothing. If anything one of the strengths should be athleticism. Does anyone have any info on this for me?

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Posted:Jan 24, 2007 11:51:22 PM

This sounds more like a body integration issue. Physical Therapy can help with it. Has he been tested for dyspraxia or other things that effect gross motor skills?

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Posted:Jan 25, 2007 4:42:19 AM

Hi Tdbearclubs,
Most importantly, these are 'acquired skills'.
Which can be developed with simple exercises.
You write that you have been searching without any success?
But you might like to search words such as:
Lateralisation. Proprioception. Vestibular Balance.

A most important underlying fact, is that the entire left half of our body, is controlled by our right brain. Equally, our right body side is controlled by our left brain.
We also have a 'cable' that connects our left and right brain. [called the Corpus Callosum]
But crucially, this connection grows and develops in response to usage.
Where it provides a communication link between both sides of our brain, and in turn, both sides of our body.
Yet this same left-right brain communication, is also important for language processing.
It is also important for Visual-Spatial thinking.
TDBear, I have just been discussing some simple exercises for this on my Forum for the maths disorder; Dyscalculia.
Which involve learning to Juggle. Using a handful of beans, stitched or tied in a small piece of cloth.
Starting with a single 'bean-bag', being tossed from the left to right hand, and back and forth.
Which then progresses to 2 bean-bags, where juggling is introduced. Then later to 3 bean-bags.
Though their are also other simple exercises, which develop Proprioception and Cross-Lateralisation.
Which are done with the 'Eyes Closed'.
Starting with closing ones eyes, and touching ones nose with a fingertip. Then with eyes closed, bringing the fingertips of each hand together.
Then further simple 'closed eyes'exercises, involve things like: With your right hand, touch your big toe on your left foot. Or lift your left foot, and touch your heel on your right knee, then your ankle.
These might seem very simple exercises, but they do in fact involve a very complex brain process to achieve.
TDBear, you might like to join my dyscalculia forum, where I can help you with working through a series of exercises. Also direct you to more information.
Though learning a non-contact Martial Arts such as Tai Kwon Doh is also really helpful.

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