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LD or not? That is the question.

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Posted Jan 26, 2007 at 2:58:47 AM
Subject: LD or not? That is the question.

Hi all,

I thought I was over my obsession with succeeding academically until I read some articles and posts on this site. It actually triggered some negative emotions I though I have beaten since I stopped studying for the last time in the middle of 2006. Although I am lucky in that my challenges aren’t that severe, I certainly know where Clair24’s brother has been.
I have read the articles on this site but still can’t really place it. I might not have any LD at all.
I have been tested numerous times throughout my school years. I have consulted Educational psychologist, and been tested psychometrically by University departments ect.
The focus of these testing and consultations has never been to diagnose LD.
I know this is not a forum for diagnosis but would appreciate a shove in the right direction.
Below is a list of my experiences, and what I have been told by professionals and those around me, relating to memory and study.
·Excellent recollection of audiovisual stimulus (i.e. Films, Lectures ect)
·Great recollection of trivia, short facts, main ideas and facts in written articles
·Great recollection of novels
·Testing above average on intelligence testing
·Recalling information from longer written text
·Focusing on longer text (words lose their collective meaning after a few minutes, becomes like a word list)
·Identifying individual dissimilarities (seem to see only global patterns)
·Remembering peoples names (remember faces, circumstances, and conversations well)
·Grasping of math problems (although my math ability tests high in psychometric tests)

Has there been any research done on brain structure/working relating to LD?
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Posted:Jan 27, 2007 12:20:01 AM

Hi Scholar,
You seem to have good memory recall, from what you write. Where you say that you can recollect audio-visual information, lectures and novels.
Though I just wonder whether you might be remembering too much? Which might seem an odd suggestion?
When you 'recall novels or lectures', do you recall 'whole passages of text', or just the key-points throughout it?
Perhaps you could comment on this, and talk a bit about your 'challenges'?

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Posted:Feb 05, 2007 2:28:05 AM

Thank you for your reply.

Novels, I remember not word for word, but chronologically in detail as if it was a visual event. (Difficult to describe) Audiovisual media I remember in chunks word for word.

Actually I do not know what my challenge is. (Like the old joke: my handicap is golf :))Sitting in front of a text it becomes, after a few minutes, a mechanical reading of words that has no meaning as a whole.(that is the only way I can describe it)

I have to confess; I have considered that in trying to explore LD I might be looking for a scapegoat.(the cause might be purely emotional) Be that as it may, my inability to study effectively has impacted on my life up to here.

Interestingly I spoke to a friend of mine that is a Kinesiologist, and she determined I was right brain imbalanced. Apparently people that are imbalanced to the right side do struggle to study conventionally.

(She explained it as the connection between the left and right brain to be insufficient or incorrect. In a normal person that is more or less balanced, your right brain sees the whole and you left brain determine certain key parts. In "conversation" between the two hemispheres, your brain is able to stitch together usable information and store it.)

Quote :)
"Never commit to memory what you can read in a book"
-Albert Einstein-

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Posted:Feb 05, 2007 5:17:51 AM


In pursuing the left right brain angle I came across a interesting article that sketches a picture very close to my own experience, especially the, "A Right Brain Learner Stuck in a Left Brain Curriculum" section.


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Posted:Feb 17, 2007 3:05:17 PM

I'm sorry I can't answer your questions, but I would like to say thank you for the interesting link, which I believe helps me with my own issues surrounding LD.

I'm 32, and was diagnosed with ADD 3 years ago, while studying in College. I have recently been preparing for my re-entry into the workforce with research on specific employment accommodations for my symptoms. In my preparation and research, I discovered that the symptoms of C/APD are symptoms I identify with almost as strongly as, or perhaps more prominently, than my ADD symptoms.

Some of the issues and challenges you described yourself having are things I can relate to, aside from the math proficiency. I think I could probably love math, except that I'm pretty sure I have dyscalcia (sp?) and over the years this has worn down my confidence in my ability to tackle and solve mathematical problems and equations.

Thank you for providing me with another resource to aid in my personal enhancement! I certainly hope you find the answers you seek very soon.

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