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Talk about lost in a maze...HELP!

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Posted Feb 06, 2007 at 4:37:27 PM
Subject: Talk about lost in a maze...HELP!

I have a son in 2nd grade who was diag. w/ "very high level" ADHD about a yr. and a half ago...he's been bounced from med to med and had dosages raised and so on and so forth. But his troubles were of the hyper sort...talking out and things like that. Now (at a new schoool this yr.), he's been getting into major trouble - acting out. Not to mention his grades have plummited and he just can't seem to keep up.He's not on an IEP, and was evaluated for one last year and it was determined that he did not qualify for any type. His principal and teacher, as well as the school psych., called a mtg. w/ me about 3 months ago, stating that he is a loner and all these other worrisome things, and even suggested I have him screened for bipolar.(When I did, the psychiatrist said that was ridiculous, that he showed no signs of any such thing, and it sounded like the faculty was ill-equipped to deal with a child like Joey - and if it continued, to move him to another schoool.) I have numerous other parents telling me about rumors of his teacher and how she just can't handle any discord in the class, and she just wants him out...the principal is on the teacher's "side", and now I guess ther's another mtg. scheduled for this month sometime - for what, I don't yet know - should I bring his therapist or psychiatrist or someone with me at this point? I have a BAD feeling, and I feel intimidated, alienated, and just ignorant about our rights.....I AM LOST in a maze for sure!

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Posted:Feb 06, 2007 6:15:05 PM

Yes, you should bring someone with you to the meeting. You should also request, in writing, as to what the meeting is regarding. You have a right to know so that you can be prepared.

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Posted:Feb 07, 2007 10:38:26 AM

1. Document everything that happens. Write brief letters to the school summarizing their positions and KEEP copies of those letters. Make a special file at home for those letters. They will come in handy later down the road.
2. Get a referral to a NEUROPSYCHOLOGIST outside of the school system for an independant evaluation. The Neuropsychologist will make specific recommendations.
3. Search for an Educational Advocate. In my state Ed Advocates are people with special traing that know the laws and charge a minimal fee. Others are high priced lawyers. It is not necessarily a situation where you get what you pay for (at least inmy state).
4. I believe (I could be wrong but I don't think so) there are laws which school need to make accomodations and develop IEP's for kids with ADHD. Call your state department of education to find out the laws.
5. Don't let these people (the school) push you around! Good luck!

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Posted:Mar 19, 2007 7:53:38 PM

As I read your email it saddens me that the principals have to take "sides" and the teachers are not looking for ways to help your child. What happen to working together for your child's success? I agree with the replies above. I am a teacher and I am normally arguing with the administration to get the students what they need. Many of our students with ADHD have IEPS and are progressing nicely. I would bring in an advocate, document everything, tape record the meeting :) that is always intimidating and it might allow you to feel more in control. First and foremost though I wouldn't listen to the rumors because they make you lose credibility to say to the principal "I heard..." Ask the principal if you can schedule a day to observe your son in class. Then, you can say, "I observed..." Document your observation and see if there are different tools the teacher should be using. Give her suggestions...remember this is your child and you know what works best so give her some advice :) Hope this helps and makes you feel more empowered.

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Posted:Apr 04, 2007 12:00:28 PM

Do not attend this meeting or any meeting alone. You are his parent and we don't always think rationally when they are addressing our children. Your medical documentation is enough information to obtain a IEP or 504 plan. An IEP can be written on a health or physically impaired diagnosis (HOPI).

I would recommend that you have written into the IEP time during the day for him to get out of the classroom and taken to the gym and run or have some physical activity.

Sometimes going to the resource room is just down time for students with ADHD that need to relax and find that encouragement in a small group.

I would also recommend with the end of the year coming quickly to an end. Go and visit classrooms for next year meet the teachers, talk to parents, and request a specific teacher based on your child's needs. Academic structure, classroom management, etc.,

Be that advocate for your son the more you do it the more confident you will become. Do not take no as answer just ask the same questions a different way. Do not allow them to tell you about your son, tell them what your son needs are.

Look at what he needs for academic progress tests taken in a quiet area, tests read to him, maybe he needs to read the tests out loud to himself.

Look at him as a whole not only his ADHD.

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