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Posted Feb 07, 2007 at 10:29:12 AM
Subject: IEP Amendment

My first grade child has an IEP for Speech and Language Therapy. The school sent home an IEP amendment to take him out of class and give him assistance (in a small group) in other areas (they said over the telephone sight words, etc). However, the IEP amendment was vaguely worded without specific goals. We rejected portions of the IEP amendment stating there needs to be specific, measurable goals. The school called me to say the goals on the IEP amendment don’t need to be specific as the goals in the IEP are specific and measurable. I stated the goals on the IEP are for speech and language and not related to the issues which initiated the IEP amendment. We have a meeting to discuss this tomorrow. I plan on hearing their position and clearly stating I believe the goals on the IEP amendment should be clearly stated. Am I out of line wanting the goals on the IEP amendment to be specific and measurable? Your honest feedback is appreciated.

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Posted:Feb 07, 2007 1:50:49 PM

No, you are not out of line. It sounds like the ammendment is for different services that will require their own goals.

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