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Any testing experts out there?

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Posted Feb 08, 2007 at 5:50:44 PM
Subject: Any testing experts out there?

I have a few questions about discrepancies between scores that I was hoping someone might be able to answer? These are all based on my own scores, of course, but I have am having problems finding anything to interpret them. Many times discrepancies are just what they are, but when they are in related areas it often has an interesting conclusion or two. I'd be curious to see if anyone has any to offer.

1. In the VCI WAIS group, if someone has a 17 vocab; 15 information; 15 comprehension; and then an 11 similarities...what might be a reason for the 2 SD difference between Similarities and vocab?

2. If you were looking at a profile with a 12 in Digit Span (lower score in DS backwards than forward), 14 Letter-Number Sequencing, and a 15 Arithmetic coupled with an average Wechsler Memory Scale score (Logical Memory 1 and 2: bottom 7th percentile for detail memory and over 90th percentile for "prose memory" averaging out to a 9 and a 12) and scores on the California Test of Verbal Learning ranging from 1-3 SDs below the mean for most scores (with none above the mean except Long-Delay Yes/No False Positives); what would be your conclusions? Why would there be such a discrepancy between WAIS memory scores and Wechsler and CVTL?

3. How would one interpret a discrepancy between WJ-III Passage Comprehension and Letter-Word Identification (112 each) and a 92% percentile on the Nelson-Denny comprehension test? Is it standard to have a higher WJ-III Reading Fluency than Passage Comprehension and Letter-Word Identification scores? (123 versus 112 each)

4. In what ways are the D-KEFS Verbal Fluency scores related to WJ-III reading scores? Scores ranging from 16-19 on Verbal Fluency coupled with 112 in Passage Comprehension and Letter-Word Identification...does that raise a flag? Or are they wholly independent of each other?

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