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New here - LD mom having a baby...I Need Suggestions...

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Posted Feb 10, 2007 at 3:06:27 PM
Subject: New here - LD mom having a baby...I Need Suggestions...

I believe I have a learning disability; no actually I do but have no proof other then attending Dean College LD program more then 8yrs ago. All throughout grade school junior and high school I was in special education classes or low-level regular classes. In Junior High and High School was on the honor roll but to be honest how and why should a student special education get on the “Honor Roll”. I didn’t I disserved it. Some how I made it through college, several times (three associates degrees (one cum laude) and one bachelors with honors). That’s great… but I still have issues in a work environment and personal life. I am horrible with organization and time management in all accepts of my life along with anything involving reading and writing. It has been a run joke in family and I take to it very sensitively. My stepmother is best at a porky fun at my issues. I did measure to surprise her when it came to my wedding even thou she felt I picked poorly when it came to my wedding party. It was a lot of work even with six bridesmaids that had their “own lives.”

I think a lot of my issues for a lack of success in the work place have a bit to do with self esteem and confidence. My parents feel I should be happy with my current job. Amazing enough I have been there for over 3 years. I am not happy; I feel I that should be doing better. This job that I choiced to stay at offer flexible hours, 401k and they put up with my short comes for low pay. I feel I don’t measure although I also feel my parents don’t care that I want to better myself that they kind me about to (taking classes and want a masters). They do see the point; everyone in my family has a less a good paying job and has at least one master degree before they turned 27. I am 36. A little side note, I was adopted at 7.

Which being me to my new satiation I am going to be a mom. I am excited and scared at the same time. I don’t want my organization, time management, social, learning issues to affect my child.

So I am looking for any suggestions… Also has any one even tried this: BabyPlus Prenatal Education System or even thought about tiring it? My husband doesn’t think it is necessary.

Thanks for take that in your time to read my posting..

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